Top frequently asked questions

Are you a trader exporting furniture or have your own factory producing furniture?
Our furniture is made in China. We have our own factory and our factory is located in Foshan, Guangdong, China.
Do you have your own warehouse overseas?
No, we don’t have. But we have cooperative wholesalers and distributors overseas.
Can I request leather samples or fabric samples?
Yes, of course. You can ask us for a sample request according to your needs. We will send you samples for free.
Do you make custom furniture?
Yes. We can customize the furniture according to the size, function, color and other requirements you provide.
What is your delivery date?
It is about 15 days.


Ordering, delivery

How to order?
We do not open the online ordering function on the website. To place an order, please contact the following email address or WhatsApp. Send us the detailed order information and we will respond promptly.
How can I check my order?
After placing the order, we will make a PI for you. The PI number is unique. You can send us the PI number at any time, let us help you check the production progress or transportation. We take photos from time to time to record the production progress of your order.
We will also send you the photos.
How long will it take to receive my order?
We always ship by cargo. If you have special transportation requirements, please inform us.
So the shipping time:
to North America or Europe is about 25-35 days;
to Australia or South America is about 28-35 days;
to the Middle East is about 20 days;
to Japan or Korea or Russia is about 5-10 days;
to Africa is about 35-40 days
Do you do door to door?
Yes.  We can provide door-to-door logistics services.
But shipping costs will be relatively expensive.
Need to buy cargo transportation insurance?
We generally ask for insurance. This will better protect both buyers and seller.
How to confirm you have shipped?
We will provide you with logistics documents and loading pictures.
I arranged my forwarder to pick up the goods at your factory.
Yes. You can do this.



Need to pay a deposit?
Yes.  You need to pay 30% of the total payment as a deposit. Please provide us with a payment record after payment is completed. We will inform you and arrange production after we receive the deposit.
How to pay
We prefer to use PayPal. We will send you our company's PayPal account, you can complete the payment according to our payment requirements.
When will the remaining 60% of the total payment be paid?
Before shipping, we will take photos to confirm that your order has been completed and packaged. After you confirm it, you pay us the remaining 60% of the total payment. We will arrange for shipments after we have received the payment.


Warranty and Claim

What about the 2 years warranty?
If you have a product quality problem within 2 years of purchasing our furniture, you can file a claim or replace the product with us. But we do not accept the quality problems caused by vandalism.
After the goods arrived, I found that the outer packaging was damaged. What should I do?
First, we need to confirm if the logistics transport causes the outer packaging to be damaged. So you need to take a photo and send it to us.
If the outer packaging is badly damaged, you can refuse to accept the goods.
At the same time, we will also file a claim with the insurance company.

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