The furniture industry in the epidemic needs to be transformed and upgraded

Due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the development of the furniture industry in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China was greatly affected.

The traditional furniture industry is facing two major challenges.
1. In March, although the furniture factory has resumed work, the production schedule is also affected by the supply of raw materials, and the order cannot be delivered on time. In the second quarter,some small and medium-sized furniture factories will face the problem of bankruptcy and closure due to the problem of capital turnover.

2. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many exhibitions in the furniture industry will be delayed or canceled. For the furniture companies that participate each year, it will be a challenge.

These difficulties have forced the furniture industry to transform and upgrade. Digitalization and intelligence have become the goals of corporate transformation. Many furniture companies use e-commerce platforms or build official websites to develop B2C or B2B business. Special foreign trade furniture companies focus on developing online resources, using self-built official websites, B2B international platforms or social media to find customers. At the same time, manufacturing has also been transformed and upgraded to automatic intelligent production, in order to obtain more environmentally friendly, higher quality and more individual purposes.

Although the furniture industry is affected by the epidemic, it is also continuously improving the development level of the industry and creating better furniture to meet more customer needs.

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