The development trend of China's furniture industry in the second half of 2020

According to industry intelligence website speculation, China's furniture industry is expected to have an explosive growth in the second half of the year. In the future, China's furniture industry will develop in the direction of intelligence.

 Analysis of the current situation of the furniture industry

1.The number of large-scale enterprises is growing rapidly.

2.Distribution of furniture industry development zones.

Domestic furniture development zones are mainly located in the eastern coastal areas and central areas. Guangdong Province has the largest number of furniture development zones, with 5 in total. Guangdong Province has a complete layout of the furniture industry. For example, Shunde Furniture is well-known at home and abroad, and has a complete industrial chain, forming a pan-Shunde furniture industry circle with Shunde as the core area. Our company is in Shunde. You are welcome to visit.

Followed by Zhejiang Province, Jiangxi Province, Hebei Province, Sichuan Province, Anhui Province, Hunan Province, Shandong Province, Jiangsu Province.

3.China furniture production

4.Furniture industry market size

China Wood Furniture is expected to reach 781.4 billion yuan in 2024 market size. The panel furniture market is expected to reach 461.3 billion yuan in 2024.

The market size of the Chinese furniture market

5.Furniture export situation

In 2019, my country's furniture industry exported 56.093 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 0.96%.

The pattern of the entire furniture industry chain has undergone significant changes in the past five years: first, the performance of traditional furniture companies has declined more and more; second, cross-border industries are gradually entering the furniture market, for example, Internet companies are moving closer to customized furniture; again, The rise of custom furniture has grown exponentially.

With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing, the core competitiveness of furniture companies has undergone great changes, gradually shifting from low-cost competition relying on resource elements to increasing product technology content and added value; from pure products to products + services ; From a furniture manufacturer to a home system solution service provider. In other words, the competition of furniture companies will extend to the entire industrial chain.

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