Light can also cause discoloration of furniture

In addition to being affected by temperature and humidity, light is also a factor affecting wood furniture discoloration and aging. Due to the short wavelength and high energy of ultraviolet rays in the sun, direct exposure to wooden furniture or wooden furniture coatings will change the color and deteriorate the gloss. Improving the light aging resistance of wooden furniture is now getting more and more attention.

1. The reason why furniture will change color when exposed to light

The ultraviolet light and visible light in the sun can radiate to the surface of the earth, and the wood will decompose and degrade under the light, resulting in the phenomenon of wood discoloration. Moreover, different wavelengths of light have different effects on the color of wood. Wood will become darker under the induction of light with a wavelength of less than 385nm. When light with a wavelength greater than 480nm shines on the surface of the wood, the color will become lighter.

Most wood will change color when exposed to ultraviolet light.

2. Factors affecting furniture photodegradation

Moisture. Moisture is an important factor that accelerates the photodegradation of furniture wood. When the wood is placed in a humid environment and exposed to light, it is more likely to degrade and change color than when it is exposed to light alone.

oxygen. Oxygen can catalyze the photodegradation reaction.

Timber structure. Broadleaf wood is more susceptible to light discoloration than coniferous wood. Low-density wood is more susceptible to light discoloration than high-density wood.

3. Ways to reduce wood aging caused by light

coating. Polyurethane can play a certain role in protecting light and light resistance. If UV absorbers are added, the effect will be better.

Add ultraviolet absorber.

Modification treatment. Such as hot wax, acetylation treatment, etc.

There are many ways to improve the aging performance of wood due to light resistance. In addition to ensuring the wood's UV shielding and absorption, it is also necessary to pay attention to the characteristics of green and environmental protection and reduce the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

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