Italian furniture and ZYII FURNITURE

In recent years, Italian furniture has been actively discussed in the furniture market.
Italy is famous for its artistic design. Speaking of Italy, it is the Renaissance, it is Michelangelo, the Milan Furniture Fair as the vane of furniture design, and the fashion capital.
The history of painting, sculpture, architectural design and other artistic fields makes Italian modern furniture design avant-garde and artistic.
The pursuit of artistic sense is a new trend of contemporary young consumers. Integrating art into life is one of the main reasons why Italian furniture attracts consumers.
The contemporary Italian furniture design is a minimalist trend to eliminate the complicated shell, creating a simple, elegant, low-key and luxurious modern style.
In addition, due to historical reasons, European designers are very good at using materials such as stone, metal, and leather. This coincides with the popular light luxury style.
Therefore, both Italian minimalist furniture and Italian light luxury furniture can get a lot of room for development in the market.
The inheritance of Italian culture also covers many aspects.
Italian design emphasizes humanism. Modern Italian furniture design puts forward new requirements in terms of furniture comfort. Many furniture, especially soft furniture, are designed with comfortable use as the core design.
Consumers' appreciation of the beauty of art design, exploration of cultural context, higher requirements for furniture applicability and comfort, and the pursuit of a higher quality of life are driving market development.
It is foreseeable that design, culture, furniture applicability and use comfort, and the resulting "high-end sense of life" will become the vane of furniture design development in the future. This is why Italian furniture has always been popular.

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