Impact of the epidemic on China's furniture industry


The timber supply is stable and the overall price is relatively stable

The raw materials used in the Chinese furniture industry mainly include wood (logs and boards), leather, fabrics, rattan, metal, glass, chemical raw materials, etc., of which wood is the main source. China's log sources are mainly domestic logging and overseas imports.

Deforestation in China is less affected by the epidemic, but imported logs are affected by closures in other countries to reduce supplies in the short term.

Most domestic sheet metal production enterprises have resumed work, the sheet metal supply is normal, and the price is stable.

  Affected by recent oil prices, the price of polyurethane has also declined.

  The manufacturers of equipment and auxiliary materials have resumed work.


Due to the impact of the epidemic in January-February, furniture and spare parts exports were 6.349 billion yuan, a decrease of 22.8% over the same period in 2019. The epidemic continues to spread overseas, and furniture exports in the first and second quarters will continue to be affected.

Despite the impact of the epidemic, most furniture companies have resumed orderly production, actively put into production, focus on research and development of new products, and continue to create more and better furniture for the world.

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