Furniture suppliers affected by the epidemic

The world is affected by the epidemic, and the world seems to have to press the "pause" button.

In February 2020, China's Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 35.7%, a decrease of 14.3% from the previous month. The furniture industry is no exception and has been hit hard. In March, China's epidemic situation was basically controlled, and the whole society resumed work in an orderly manner to resume production. PMI rose to 52%.

According to the feedback from the Furniture Association, the supply of raw materials is less affected and the prices are generally stable. And the equipment and accessories factory has resumed business orderly. As a supplier of the global furniture industry, China is ready to manufacture more and better furniture for the world.


Although some small and medium-sized furniture manufacturers and even a small number of large-scale manufacturers in China have closed down due to the impact of the epidemic. At the same time, some furniture manufacturers have changed their sales market to the domestic market. Therefore, for Chinese furniture manufacturers, this is a survival process for the fittest. As a result, new furniture manufacturers will also start to enter and become global furniture suppliers. So, for foreign buyers or buyers, how to choose these new furniture suppliers?

  1. The 127th Canton Fair was not suspended due to the impact of the epidemic. Instead, it was held online. The furniture industry is no exception. At present, Chinese furniture manufacturers or distributors and retailers are beginning to switch to online display and sales. Foreign buyers or buyers can refer to whether the Chinese furniture manufacturer has an official website, whether it uses the SNS platform, or whether it has live broadcast sales. This information can be used by buyers to refer to the strength of the manufacturer.
  2. Some foreign furniture companies have not resumed work, and some furniture companies do not sell online. The entry of new furniture manufacturers into the market means that some of these manufacturers have new products. Whether foreign furniture companies can also consider trying new products to break through traditional product styles or display models, can attract customers with new highlights.
  3. Due to the impact of the epidemic, foreign buyers need 14 days of quarantine when entering China and 14 days of quarantine when returning to their country. Therefore, for the factory inspection, the buyer can request the manufacturer to conduct an online live factory inspection or provide relevant electronic certification reports and so on.

ZYII furniture is no exception. As a furniture supplier, we are committed to research and development, innovation and manufacturing. Our furniture products are sold worldwide. We also develop together with global furniture companies.

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