Does the furniture industry need a live stream

Social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok generate huge daily traffic, which has led to many online celebrities or self-media using these platforms to promote and transform information or to broadcast live merchandise.

In China, the name Li Jiaqi is absolutely familiar. A cosmetics network celebrity, for the world's major brands such as Mac, YSL, Chanel and so on to do live promotional cosmetics. A live broadcast could generate nearly 10 million yuan in transactions.

With the recent global impact of COVID-19, people need home epidemic prevention. A sharp decline in offline trading volume, furniture exhibitions have been canceled or postponed so that the furniture industry has to consider whether the need to do an online platform to increase the flow of visitors.

First of all, live merchandising is not a novelty. It's an online version of offline promotions. Just selling scenes from offline stores, live events moved to the live studio online. Then, the same is to find users, provide products and services, realize shipping and profit, online and offline customers buy the same quality products and services, so the furniture industry live selling is a good prospect.

In addition, some people may feel that the furniture is very focused on the live experience, and online broadcast can not be done. Not So. Now, live streaming platforms, have updated the technology to build AR galleries, live-action projection, just like a movie set, where real people walk into a virtual setting, and live experiences are available online.

Finally, we might want to think about how to capture traffic, and how to convert that traffic into purchases. The live selling of furniture may be a start.

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